Body Scrubs

Our gentle exfoliating body scrubs cleanses pores and scrapes away dead skin cells, leaving your skin moisturized, pleasantly hydrated, and feeling oh so smooth.  Using fine sugar to reveal radiantly glowing skin, nourishing coconut and vitamin E oils are added to promote healthy skin cells, while sweet almond oil works to keep your skin soft and supple.  Uplifting aromas of 100% pure essential oils create a delightful spa-like experience for your skin.


- Balances oil production

- Helps restore and refresh clogged pores

- Soothes skin tone

- Great for all skin types

- Safe for sensitive skin

- 6 oz of scrub is happily packaged with one scrub spoon to make exfoliating easier and more convenient

- Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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