Each bar of our hand-poured goat milk soap is a gentle, soft, lathering, bubbly goodness! Made with only 100% pure and natural ingredients, our soap helps to refresh and replenish dry, damaged skin, helps maintain your skins natural moisture, removes dead skin cells while encouraging the growth of new skin cells, and most importantly, cleans deeply, but gently. For our soap to contain the highest amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, we use the cold-process soap making method to ensure that our ingredients are preserved to offer the most benefits to your skin.  We use only organic coconut, olive, castor, and palm oils as the base with goat milk, sodium hydroxide, and pure essential oils to create the most nourishing bars of soap.  Once melted, blended and poured our soaps are then cured for six weeks for exceptional quality and then ready for your everyday indulgence!

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